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Hunting / Fishing Wader

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Hunting / Fishing Wader

$99.00 $89.00

Neoprene Wader for Fishing / Hunting / Outdoor.

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1 . Waders For Fishing / Hunting etc available in several colours, boot features dura-strech coating
Material : Neoprene , 100% waterproof

For Hunting & Fishing & Mud Race , Etc,

2. Includes 4.5mm—5mm thickness neoprene wader fleece lining and adjustable “H” style Brace with quick release buckles

3.Two accessory D-ring provide a convenient place to clip essentials

4. Pocket design : with pockets for both tackle/ equipment and separate areas for hands.

5. Natural rubber boots to keep your feet comfortable and warm whilst in the water.

6 . Reinforced knees for extra protection while kneeling.

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